I will preface this by saying that the following ideals have not yet been achieved. If you catch me breaking any in my close-up work, and you will, please call me out on my sins. You are free to take and borrow from my personal Ten Commandments of Close Up Magic, but understand that they are by no means scripture. Nothing on this site is. Amen.


Thou shall only need only to introduce yourself but once during a single close-up engagement; the enthusiastic response to your magic will undoubtably entice others to come to you or inspire your new friends to introduce you to their friends.


Remember that guests will have other gods before you. Afford them freedom and time to graze from the buffet, drink from the wine, dance to the music, and worship others as they please. Thou shall never be a jealous god, nor a pushy one.


Thou shall not steal.


Thou shall not embarrass anyone.


Thou shall not covet the end of a gig. Be in the moment, always. Be sure to do your work and do it well. Always.


Thou shall always be working on something new and pushing the boundaries of thine art and thine self. However, thou shall be careful not to forget that it is the client’s vision, not necessarily thine own’s, which reigns once coin or gold or W9-Form hath traded hands.


Honor, always, a deeper standard of mystery. Thine performance shall not be reduced to such trivial explanations in the minds of thine audience as “He possesseth fast hands,” or “He madeth me look away and the he didth something,” or “Methinks his playing cards be fake.”


Neither thine pockets nor thine attire shall ever bulge in an unnecessary or unsightly manner. Furthermore, keep well groomed thine hair, beard, teeth, breath, ears, nose, lips, hands, and shoes at all times.


Thine audience shall feel as though they met the magician, and wasn’t merely performed for by the magician. Engage in conversations and banters beyond thine holy scripts and various tricks or miracles.


Amidst thine mingling and performing, thou shall actively identify and make friends with others who may provide new opportunities to spread thine gospel and services. Every performance is an audition.

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