I saw a man on stage one time
Though I can’t recall when or where.
He said some stuff, and did a thing,
You’d have loved it
Had you been there.

I laughed a little or alot
And he did this one thing, I swear
You never saw a clip or show
To which you could
even compare.

I’ve only my memories now,
Can never relive the affair.
No comments I can read to you,
Couldn’t click like,
retweet, or share.

You gotta see him sometime though,
I wonder now if he’s still there.
He either climbed up or fell way down,
A broke artist
or millionaire.

I’ll never know this man onstage
But I tell you he made me care
In this
postmodern age

I saw a man on stage

He stood smiling,
Honest and bare.

I saw him,

I was there.

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