Heckler Haikus!

I peer down at you
From below the stage’s edge
On which you stand tall.

I am humorless!
And I demand company!
So dance monkey, dance!

Those who judge the most
Always seem to stand upon
The tiniest deeds.

That guy sucked hardcore,
Not my cup of tea at all
And I am right. (Right?)

Thank you for watching,
Sincerely, hope you enjoyed
All I have to give.

I look forward to
The yawns and disinterest
These poems will bring.

All my audience
Returned home safe and unscathed
They wont see my scars.

I wrote a poem!
To keep from killing a bitch!
Congrats to the bitch!

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Did you really read this far down? Thank you so much, you are awesome!

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